Valentine Week List 2024 – Happy Valentines Day, February Days, Dates, Schedule

Valentine’s Day – A festival of love and lovers, the beautiful feeling is being celebrated as a feast. The weather is so positive to amour with and the best time to express the affection. If you are having a lovely feel towards another person then this is the best time to express your love as the days are doused in admiration; one week is much enough to express love. Happy Valentines Day is not just a day it is widely popular as a week where people are celebrating an overall Valentine’s to make a stronger foundation of their love. Although the festival is celebrated by youngsters, there is no age to celebrate the love and this is true indeed. No matter how old you are, love needs to such terms and conditions to celebrate. On the other hand, do you ever think how the day’s celebration started? This has an old and historical story that may clarify you about this can be literally boom by not only youngsters but the older can also do romance.

Happy Valentines Day 2024

Valentines Day is recognized as a magnificent cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and amour in many regions around the world, especially the Western countries and then India and China. Although it is not approved as a public holiday in any country, the day seems to be like that indeed. There are many numerous martyred stories are popular in concern to why and how the auspicious celebration took place. Among them all, a few are really popular and being believed and followed by people. One valuable story is connected to Saint Valentine; he was a Christian martyr Saint. If we have a look over the history, there were many martyr saints whose names were Valentine or valentines but none of them were such connected with love and romance except one. There was one saint who had highly connection with love and amour. Here, we are discussing him to perpetuate clear view and value of the day.

valentine week 2021
valentine week 2024

Saint Valentine was associated with love, and it was the 14th century when the story took place and the tradition of celebrating a love day started. There was an Emperor Claudius II who had ordered for the young men that they all must refrain from marrying. This was because he believed that married men were no longer a good soldier for his team and therefore to remain them, a good soldier, the love was strictly prohibited. Saint Valentine did not obey his order as he was a loving believer and thus he started protesting against the emperor. The saint helps many young men to get married secretly. When the emperor received the inking of the same, he murdered the Saint as a penalty. Thus the tradition of celebrating the auspicious and love day started.

Gradually, the day celebration wore the different meanings although the affections are still the same. The gifts are a showcase of admiration and the flowers are the evergreen inclusion to celebrate the valentines with someone to whom you love. The Valentine’s Day is celebrated to commemorate the love between the companions. The Valentine’s Day symbol that is quite popular is an outlined heart with ducks, and not to forget the winged cupid to hit the amour in humans that trigger the amazing feel to show your admiration towards one and other.

Valentine week 2024

07th Feb, 2024TuesdayRose Day
08th Feb, 2024WednesdayPropose Day
09th Feb, 2024ThursdayChocolate Day
10th Feb, 2024FridayTeddy Day
11th Feb, 2024SaturdayPromise Day
12th Feb, 2024SundayHug Day
13th Feb, 2024MondayKiss Day
14th Feb, 2024TuesdayValentines Day

Love is something that can’t be celebrated in one single day. Loving someone is an internal feel which must be everlasting. Valentine’s Day does not mean by showcasing the same just in one. ‘Love’ is itself a big term which can’t be wrapped in one single day, although sometimes an entire life becomes shorten when it comes to showing the affection. February love week 2024 an opportunity to showcase your love for an overall week; here every day includes its own meanings and values.

Whether you are an old couple or willing to start a relationship with a person, Valentines week has opportunities for both. If you are a person who is just initiating the relationship and want to propose the love of life then this week is going to assist you amazingly. Starting from the rose day to the final kiss day, you love plant will be irrigated gradually and on the auspicious day of Valentine’s you both can go for a date, organized by Almighty. On the other hand, if you are a couple who are beside each other for a long while then again Valentines week 2024 is great for you to remind the promises and love with each other and obviously the cupid plays the part again.

Happy Rose day 2024

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happy rose day 2024

The entire schedule of Valentine’s week starts from Rose Day on 7th feb. What will be the better way to express your love to someone than with the roses? On the blossomed Day, people give roses to their beloveds to showcase the affection as a symbol of their love. If you are willing to start your relationship with someone then this day is the best to intimate about your feelings to another person. Although there are various bouquets of roses and other flowers that will help you to signify your admiration, even a single flower is much enough exploring the fragrance of your feelings.

There are different colors of roses that are available for us by nature. Traditionally, the red roses are associated with romance; therefore people highly prefer this color. On the other hand, if you are willing to initiate your amour with the roots of friendship, the yellow roses are the best inclusions. Many other colors of roses are also to which you can unwrap to make your love different and to make your bond stronger.

Happy Propose day 2024

happy propose day 2021
happy propose day 2024

The next day after rose day, here comes the propose day on 8th feb when you can propose your affection towards a person. There will be no better day than this day to tell your crush about how much you like and love. This is the second day of the auspicious week when the love seedling takes place after the intimation of the same just a day prior. Propose day can be equipped with various gifts or inclusions but on very ground level, just hand in hand is much enough.

When people express their feelings for their loved ones, there is no such need about lavish gifts. A single line is enough and when the heart beats take place then no music can beat the same. Even if you are an old couple still, just propose again to enjoy the love aurora again.

Happy Chocolate day 2024

happy chocolate day 2021
happy chocolate day 2024

The delicious chocolates are age-old gifts for first dates, weddings, anniversaries and many more. When we are talking about love and Valentine’s then it is the perfect occasion to let your loved one know about how much sweetness you and your love can dissolve in the air and each other’s life. The third day of Valentine’s week is celebrated as a chocolate day which comes on 9th feb where the couple gifts each other with chocolates. As this is the beginning of a new relationship, then it needs to start with a sweet and nothing can be greater than the chocolates in this reference.

After giving your loved a rose and when the proposal gets accepted, what should be the next step to conquer with same admire, i.e. sharing a bar of chocolate together. Somehow, chocolates are directly related to the girls’ favorite dessert and they just love to receive any chocolate as a gift. If you are a guy and willing to feel your girl special, then this day can help you to achieve this success.

Happy Teddy day 2024

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happy teddy day 2024

The fourth day of Valentine’s week is celebrated as a teddy day on 10th feb. As your proposal gets the acceptation, this is really a heavenly feel that you are going to spend time together. Thus the gifting ritual takes place and then the continuation of this has many alternatives. Obviously, you offered chocolates on the day prior to this that blends the sweetness in your relationship. Now, this is the time to include a teddy in your lists of gifts.

An adorable teddy bear is literally the cutest way to let your significant other know about how much the person means to you! Gifts are always special no matter what size they have or how much a person pays for that. Similarly, gifting a teddy is just a showcase of love, irrespective to size, color, and value. The feelings and love behind one teddy should be evaluated.

Happy Promise day 2024

happy promise day 2021
happy promise day 2024

This is the day when a couple makes promises to each other. The fifth day of Valentine’s week is promise day and celebrated as an occasion when you make meaningful promises to your loved one on 11th feb. Don’t let the day just a celebration but make is as special with your promises by keeping the same for a lasting relationship. This is not just for your beloved one, you can take the auspicious day to another level by making the great promises with your parents, friends and even with your toddlers too.

Promises are something that should not be broken by the times, a real promise is that to which you can drag till your last breath. If you are promising to be with someone always, then every word should be noted quietly and then fulfill the same at any cost. The value of a single promise is literally greater than any diamond in the world. Even if your relationship is pretty old, make new promises with each other and then stick to it for the rest of life. Make the promise and then keep the promise these two are the different words, they must understand separately.

Happy Hug day 2024

happy hug day 2021
happy hug day 2024

Hugging someone is a heavenly feel that literally starts from the day when you took birth. Sometimes a hug will say a lot what any combination of words can’t. The sixth day of Valentine’s week is hug day and comes on 12th feb. A single hug from parents lets us feel protected and when a friend hugs then it is a matter of joy that we are together. On the other hand, when it comes to your loved one then it may take a little while to come that much closer to each other.

After the last five days of love and adore, this is the time to listen to each other’s heartbeat. When you hug a person to whom you love is an exceptional feel. This needs no inclusion of anything, just you and your loved one, let you both feel other.

Happy Kiss day 2024

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happy kiss day 2024

After hugging each other, this day will take your relationship to another level. The seventh day of Valentine’s week is celebrated as kiss day i.e. just before the Valentine’s Day on 13th feb.  Any kind of love needs to be represented or you can say a kiss is a showcase of how much you love someone.

This is a passionate occasion that people celebrate to express their love. A kiss on the forehead makes the person feel special and similarly, the other kisses have their own individual meanings. Kissing each other will add spark to your relationship.

Happy Valentines Day 2024

happy valentines day 2021
happy valentines day 2024

After all days, a whole week i.e. doused in love and amour, here comes the most awaited day of the time – the Valentine’s Day on 14th feb. The week avails you both to get to know each other well and equipped your relationship with the best possible ones to make it fly. When we talk about love then it has no limit to define and no words to explore, the sky is the limit.

In 2024, the Valentine’s Day has chosen Thursday to bless the couples with the magical stick. The cupid will play his part to inject the amour to the people which will help them to create a strong foundation of their relationship. After so many waiting days, finally the most awaited day is here; you both can plan a date together and make your love stronger. This is the time to gather all the inclusion of the week together to create a memorable day for you both.